Yes, you heard it right. The enterprise-grade software comes with a license-free offering.

License-free (with clarification);

- Self-screen mobile app feature only

- Used to tackle COVID-19 pandemic 

- Used as-is in our SaaS environment (multi-tenancy) without customization

- Organizations with employees less than 15 people

- Used in not-for-profit organizations 

Excluded, there may be a cost to cover time and materials for;

- customization

- migration/integration of existing data and/or system

- dedicated support, training, or hosting

- commercial enterprises

For any for-profit organizations, we are offering a monthly pricing plan based on the number of users. Please contact us directly.


Recently, many asked us about our "free-license" offer.

Ok, here's the scoop. Back in February, we realized Kokomo24/7 had the very tools the world needs. Without hesitation, we repurposed and launched the COVID19Tracker. That offering will not change because we are in this pandemic together. Let's make one thing clear. As a purpose-driven, public safety solutions company, we want to help the world - our fellow citizens, neighbors, children, colleagues, and loved ones. I can envision workplaces, schools, and communities using it to better manage the fight against COVID-19.

With that said, I'd like also to give pragmatic deployment options as everyone, every workplace, and every community is different. For example, if you are a school, workplace, or community who is content to use the tools and services of the COVID19Tracker as is, just apply at and we will have the product ready for you to use right away. 

However, if you have unique needs or are an enterprise with many employees, or planning potentially rolling COVID19Tracker out in a large scale, you probably don't want to use our COVID19Tracker service without proper support or customization. If that is the case, you will probably rather go with a paid plan with support and professional services available to you. 

Again, I hope this gives a bit more clarity. Don't be shy. Ask us or book a call with me via calendar

Just like our name says, I am available 24/7 - with some help from our great team it is.

Thank you,

Daniel J. Lee/ CEO and founder

May 16, 2020


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