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4th Week Into FREE COVID19Tracker™ Availability

Today is marking exactly 4th week since we launched the FREE COVID19Tracker™, available for any organization to adopt and use. I have to say, I am proud #kokomo247 was one of few who jumped into action from February. Being a purpose-driven safety solution provider helping schools, communities, and workplace safe, it was the most natural reaction from us when we realized how situation was unfolding in other parts of the world.

As of today, we've received over 157 applicants from all over the world. While we are engaging in deeper discussions with a few applicants, I wanted to #shoutout again here that; #covid19tracker is all yours to use at no cost.

As a backgrounder, a month ago we quickly re-purposed our commercial cloud solution - Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™ consists of 3 modules - ARS (Anonymous Reporting), IMS (Incident Management), and EOC (Emergency Operation Center) - over a couple of days and began offering to help communities face the challenges of handling the #covid19 cases.

Please #takeadvantage of our enterprise-grade tools FREE. We genuinely wanted to help schools, communities (towns, villages, cities, county, state...), and workplaces to be more efficient at fighting #covid19. More at

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