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Multiple resources to view CORVID-19 at world/country level. What about the local community-level?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

There are plenty of ways to find out what's going on out there at the regional, national, and even global levels. It’s easy to stay in touch with what’s happening across the country. But what about keeping up with what’s happening locally in real-time? What if you'd like to track and manage your local government, a city's healthcare system, rural communities, school districts or corporations?

The need to launch step in has never been more evident- COVID247.0rg. You can collect, track, share, and manage cases locally for your community. Tools and services are offered free for use in the COVID-19 outbreak.

What if you want to track your town's confirmed cases?

What if you want to mobilize your organization to properly respond to the virus?

Compliance and track could never be more important than now, right?

The public resources (listed below) don't really do much to help your unique community. can be used for -

  • local communities and police departments

  • A school district

  • A church congregation

  • A national or global corporation

  • A hospital/healthcare system, nursing homes, senior housing, apartment complexes

  • college campuses

  • workplaces

This is what the CDC says on how communities can best prepare.

What if you had a system to collect, track, share, and manage cases locally? It’s possible, and simpler than you think. Read this in our FAQ "Why do I need this?"

(As promised!) Here are some globally available map and listing sources:

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